The Oosh Paradigm

1.  Not Quite All Blues                                     8:42

    John Hughes - Erik Lawrence (after Miles Davis).  Arrangement: John Hughes

    John Hughes:  Kora, MIDI Bass, Cymbals, Shakers, Balafon, MIDI Moog

    Erik Lawrence:  Alto Flute

2.  I Could Hear The Earth                              6:39

    John Hughes:  Vocals, Tar, Doumbek, Sangban, Jembe, Synthesizer

3.  Romanian Moonlight                              10:26

    John Hughes:  Electric Kora, Water-Filled Mason Jar

4.  Danza del Amor                                           8:03

    John Hughes - Todd Roach.  Arrangement: John Hughes

    John Hughes:  Kora, MIDI Upright Bass, MIDI Flute, Hand Claps, Vocals

    Todd Roach:  Riq

    Lizi Rosenberg:  Vocals

5:  Rainy Night Stroll                                      6:23

    John Hughes:  Tar, MIDI Bass & Cello

6.  Amber From Ash                                           5:13   

    John Hughes: Kora, Vocals, Congas, Gonkogui, Guiro, MIDI Bass (Upright &

    Frettless Electric),

7.  Gulp of Earth                                               5:14

    John Hughes:  Electric Kora, Udu, Shakers, MIDI Upright Bass, MIDI Violins

8.  Salimou-Cisse                                                6:28

    John Hughes:  Kora, MIDI Bass (Upright & Frettless Electric), Triangle

9.  Wail Song                                                     6:07

    John Hughes:  Vocals, Tar, Kalimba, Bells, Shakers, (the “whale song” sound was

    created by running my fingernail up and down the wound string of my kora)

All songs by John Hughes unless otherwise noted.  All Songs © 2007 John Hughes

Total Time:   1: 03:18 

© 2007

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The Oosh paradigm

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Joyful and mystical - Meditative and funky - Soothingly explosive world music. 

The perfect accompaniment for dancing, relaxing or just being happy to be alive!